La Reserve

18th August 2017

When you arrive through the gates and drive down the pine tree pathway towards the hotel you know you are on your way to something special.  La Reserve used to be a hotel in the 70s and then was left empty for 30 years before designer Jean-Micheal got his hands on it and transformed the property into a stunning oasis full of incredible views, Jean Cocteau plates and calming neutral tones.   I was lucky enough to sample the food at their main restaurant, La Voile which has a starred menu for the dinner service.  The dinning room has full length glass walls on both sides creating an abundance of light as well as providing a spectacular panoramic view of the hillside and sea below.  On first impressions, La Reserve exudes tranquility and class as well as making you feel completely relaxed by the friendly staff.


I ordered the full monty with a delicious sea bream ceviche with truffles to start while my mum had a Mediterranean tuna tartare.  Both dishes were excellent and not only were they full of flavour but they were incredibly light and healthy.


The chef very kindly organised a dish from the Michelin starred evening menu for me so that I could experience a taster and this was a fancy sea bream fillet with a woven courgette on top along with more nods to this in-season vegetable including zucchini flowers.  Honestly, this was one of the prettiest plates that I have ever seen!  It looked like a piece of art and the concept was incredibly imaginative and of course it was big on taste.  I usually find Michelin food too heavy but this again had a lovely lightness and you were not left feeling too heavy.  It was just flavourful and fresh!  My mum went for the mixed seafood grill which was a medley of treats all locally sourced from the sea.  I loved how many of the dishes were Provencal influenced with subtle hints from Asia which is where I imagine they create heaps of flavour without it being too heavy.


Dessert is often a let down for me when eating out because I just think people forgot about it and don’t think its important.  Here they are wrong, as good dessert can be off-the-chain amazing! La Reserve offered delicious homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate salted caramel tart and it was pretty heavenly!  Coffee came with yet another plate of goodies; with nougat, truffles and cantucci.  Sadly I was too full to get properly involved but the nougat was soft and delicately creamy.


After lunch we met with the lovely hotel manager, Veronique and she gave us a tour of rest of the hotel and the super luxury spa.  Even though we were seeing everything on a cloudless blue sky day I can’t imagine it ever looking anything other than perfect.  It is worth noting that you can also eat sushi on the terrace upstairs if you were looking for anything a little more simple.  When you look down over the hillside you can see a few of La Reserve’s private villas which all have their own swimming pools and gardens.  I liked the idea that you could still have the hotel service but it was a more private affair for family and friends.  It really was a special experience and if you are looking for a chic getaway with incredible food that is beautifully presented but still healthy then you must look them up pour la prochaine fois!

Merci à La Reserve!

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